Premium Urinal Screens, Apple Cinnamon, Case of 12 picture

Premium Urinal Screens, Apple Cinnamon, Case of 12

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Premium Urinal Screens, Apple Cinnamon. Red Center. Case of 12.

Eliminate bathroom odors with Pro-Link Premium Urinal Screens.

  • Keeps urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days.
  • Malodor eliminating technology absorbs bad smells.
  • Innovative angled anti-splash texture keeps urinal area clean and inhibits unwanted splashes.
  • Fragrance intensifies on fluid contact.
  • Unique web design prevents even the smallest debris falling into urinal trap causing potential drain blockages.
  • Service handle aids quick and easy replacement.
  • Center target bullseye in bright colors allows identification of fragrance and promotes better aim for users.
  • Universal fit: Designed to fit in all urinal styles.
  • Quick drain design allows urinal to flush quickly.
  • Unique anti-slip feature helps keep optimum position.
  • VOC exempt.
  • Large service glove supplied with each screen for hygienic and safe installation and disposal.
Pro-Link Harmony of Fragrances: Pro-Link Premium Urinal Screens have been designed to offer the same great fragrance options as Pro-Link’s EZ-FRESH(TM) and e-Merge(TM) solid, multi-phasing air freshener, allowing you to coordinate your fragrances to match specific location requirements. You get the benefit of three fragrance systems without the risk of each system’s fragrance interfering with the others. This synchronization of fragrances will harmonize your environment and create one collective wave of fine fragrance throughout each product’s life cycle.